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Indicator: 6.1 - Pregnant women counselled and tested for HIV

Survey: Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey 2005-06

Survey Indicator Sub-Title: [n/a]
Standard Numerator: The number of women respondents who were counselled and offered voluntary HIV testing at ANC before their most recent birth in the last two years and received the test results. 
Numerator: 1. In this context, "counseled" means that someone talked with the respondent about all three of the topics: [babies getting the AIDS virus from their mother;][preventing the virus;][getting tested for the virus.]
Standard Denominator: Total number of women respondents who were pregnant at any time in the two years preceding the survey. 
Denominator: [n/a]
Comparability: [n/a]
Quality: [n/a]
Comparability Rating: 3 Exact match of definition, age range and sample
  Definition matches
Age range matches - female
Age range matches - male
Population-based sample

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