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Indicator: 7.1 - Women's ability to negotiate safer sex with husband

Survey: Zambia Sexual Behaviour Survey 2003

Survey Indicator Sub-Title: [n/a]
Standard Numerator: The number of respondents who believe that, if her husband has an STI, the woman could refuse to have sex with him or propose condom use. 
Numerator: 1. Spontaneous responses [as opposed to prompted]
Standard Denominator: Total number of respondents. 
Denominator: 1. Total number of respondents who have heard of STI's [instead of all respondents]
Comparability: [n/a]
Quality: [n/a]
Comparability Rating: 1 Close match of definition, age range and/or sample differ
  Age range matches - female
Age range matches - male
Population-based sample

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