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Indicator: 4.7 - Comprehensive correct knowledge about AIDS among young people age 15-24 (2 ways to prevent AIDS and reject 3 misconceptions)

Survey: Congo Demographic and Health Survey 2011/2012

Survey Indicator Sub-Title: NEW
Standard Numerator: The number of respondents age 15-24 y.o. who, in response to prompting, 1) correctly identify using condoms and having sex only with one faithful uninfected partner as means of protection against HIV infection and 2) who correctly reject the two most common local misconceptions about AIDS transmission or prevention and 3) who correctly respond that a person who looks healthy can have HIV.  
Numerator: [n/a]
Standard Denominator: Total number of respondents age 15-24y.o.  
Denominator: [n/a]
Comparability: [n/a]
Quality: [n/a]
Comparability Rating: 3 Exact match of definition, age range and sample
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