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Survey: Enquete de Sureveillance des Comportements (BSS), Rwanda 2000 : Aupres des Jeunes de 15-19 ans

Title: Aupres des Jeunes de 15-19 ans
Survey Type: BSS
Country: Rwanda
Year: 2000
Start Date: [n/a]
End Date: [n/a]
Female Male
Respondent: Target Groups Respondent: Target Groups
Age: 15 - 19 Age: 15 - 19
Sample Size: 4956 Sample Size: 3364
Facilities Households
Sample Size: [n/a] Sample Size: [n/a]
Implementing: Republic of Rowanda MOH, Programme National de Lutte Contre le Sida
Description: Survey of youth aged 15-19, who are not married or have never cohabited with a sexual partner for more than 12 months. Respondents came from six (out of 12) prefectures: Kigali, Rurale, Kibungo, Butare, Byumba, Kibuye et Gitarama. Sections included in the questionnaire: Respondents' Background, Sexual Activity, Knowledge and Use of Condoms, STIs, KAP towards HIV/AIDS.
Footnote: [n/a]
4.0.1) Heard of HIV/AIDS
4.1.5) Knowledge of HIV prevention methods - Use of condoms (spontaneous)
4.1.6) Knowledge of HIV prevention methods - Only one/ limiting partners (spontaneous)
4.1.7) Knowledge of HIV prevention methods - Abstain from sex (spontaneous)
4.2.1) No incorrect beliefs about AIDS - Healthy-looking person can have the AIDS virus
5.1) Population requesting an HIV test, receiving a test and receiving test results
5.1.1) Population ever receiving an HIV test
8.3) Commercial sex in last year
8.4) Condom use at last commercial sex, reported by client
9.4) Young people having multiple partners in last year
9.5) Young people using a condom at last higher risk sex

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