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Survey: Behaviorual Surveillance Among Drug Injectors in Indonesia, 2002

Title: Behaviorual Surveillance Among Drug Injectors in Indonesia, 2002
Survey Type: BSS
Country: Indonesia
Year: 2002
Start Date: [n/a]
End Date: [n/a]
Female Male
Respondent: [n/a] Respondent: Target Groups
Age: [n/a] Age: 18 +
Sample Size: [n/a] Sample Size: 650
Facilities Households
Sample Size: [n/a] Sample Size: [n/a]
Implementing: Indonesia Ministry of Health, University of Indonesia, FHI
Description: BSS among men aged 18 years or more who have injected drugs in the last month. Survey was conducted in three large cities: Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung. Questions asked cover areas such as: Sexual Activity, Condom Use, Injecting Drug Use, HIV Testing.
Footnote: [n/a]
4.0.1) Heard of HIV/AIDS
4.1.2) Knowledge of HIV prevention methods - Use of condoms (prompted)
4.2.1) No incorrect beliefs about AIDS - Healthy-looking person can have the AIDS virus
5.1) Population requesting an HIV test, receiving a test and receiving test results
5.1.1) Population ever receiving an HIV test
8.1) Higher risk sex in the last year
8.2) Condom use at last higher risk sex (with a non-marital, non-cohabiting partner)
8.2.1) Condom use at last sex with a spouse or cohabiting partner
8.3) Commercial sex in last year
8.4) Condom use at last commercial sex, reported by client
8.7) Condom use at last anal sex between men
10.1) Injecting drug users sharing equipment at last injection

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