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Survey: Indonesia Behavioral Surveillance Survey 1996: Adult Males

Title: Adult Males
Survey Type: BSS
Country: Indonesia
Year: 1996
Start Date: [n/a]
End Date: [n/a]
Female Male
Respondent: [n/a] Respondent: Target Groups
Age: [n/a] Age: [n/a]
Sample Size: [n/a] Sample Size: 1199
Facilities Households
Sample Size: [n/a] Sample Size: [n/a]
Implementing: The Center for Health Research, University of Indonesia
Description: Topics included in the final report: Knowledge of HIV/AIDS, Knowledge of Condoms, High Risk Sexual Behaviors, Early Sex, Partner Turnover and Condom Use in Commercial Sex, Payment Paid and Received for Sex, Knowledge and Experience with STDs, and Health Seeking Behavior. Indonesia BSS was carried out in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Manado. Adult males included sailors, seaport workers, truckers and assistants, aged below 20 to 30+.
Footnote: [n/a]
4.0.1) Heard of HIV/AIDS
4.1.2) Knowledge of HIV prevention methods - Use of condoms (prompted)
4.1.3) Knowledge of HIV prevention methods - Only one partner (prompted)
4.2.2) No incorrect beliefs about AIDS - AIDS cannot be transmitted by mosquito bites
4.2.6) No incorrect beliefs about AIDS - Cannot become infected by sharing food with someone who has AIDS
8.1) Higher risk sex in the last year
8.3) Commercial sex in last year
8.4) Condom use at last commercial sex, reported by client
12.4) Men and women seeking treatment for STIs

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