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Survey: Behavioral Surveillance Survey 1, Mombasa, Kenya 1998: BSS 1, Mombasa, Kenya 1998: Matatu Drivers/Touts

Title: BSS 1, Mombasa, Kenya 1998: Matatu Drivers/Touts
Survey Type: BSS
Country: Kenya
Year: 1998
Start Date: [n/a]
End Date: [n/a]
Female Male
Respondent: [n/a] Respondent: Target Groups
Age: [n/a] Age: 18 - 30
Sample Size: [n/a] Sample Size: 513
Facilities Households
Sample Size: [n/a] Sample Size: [n/a]
Implementing: Steadman Research Services, Kenya
Description: Sections covered in the final report: Respondents' Background, Sexual Behaviour, HIV and STD Knowledge and Attitudes.
Footnote: [n/a]
4.0.1) Heard of HIV/AIDS
4.2.1) No incorrect beliefs about AIDS - Healthy-looking person can have the AIDS virus
8.1) Higher risk sex in the last year
8.2) Condom use at last higher risk sex (with a non-marital, non-cohabiting partner)
8.2.1) Condom use at last sex with a spouse or cohabiting partner
8.3) Commercial sex in last year
8.4) Condom use at last commercial sex, reported by client

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