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Survey: Behavioral Surveillance Survey Lao PDR 2000-2001: Male and Female Seasonal Migrant Workers

Title: Male and Female Seasonal Migrant Workers
Survey Type: BSS
Country: Lao People's Democratic Republic
Year: 2000/2001
Start Date: [n/a]
End Date: [n/a]
Female Male
Respondent: Target Groups Respondent: Target Groups
Age: 15 + Age: 15 +
Sample Size: 436 Sample Size: 392
Facilities Households
Sample Size: [n/a] Sample Size: [n/a]
Implementing: Ministry of Health, National Committee for the Control of AIDS
Description: Topics included in the survey report are: Respondent's Background, Sexual Activity and Condom Use, HIV Knowledge and Beliefs, Expoure to HIV/AIDS Information, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV Testing and Personal Experience. Seasonal migrant workers employed in Thailand as agricultural workers (men) and in restaurants, private houses (women). Survey of Male and Female Seasonal Migrant Workers was conducted in Khummuane, Savannakhet and Champasak Provinces.
Footnote: [n/a]
4.1.1) Knowledge of HIV prevention methods - Composite of 3 components (prompted)
4.2) No incorrect beliefs about AIDS - Composite of 3 components
4.2.1) No incorrect beliefs about AIDS - Healthy-looking person can have the AIDS virus
4.2.2) No incorrect beliefs about AIDS - AIDS cannot be transmitted by mosquito bites
4.2.6) No incorrect beliefs about AIDS - Cannot become infected by sharing food with someone who has AIDS
5.1) Population requesting an HIV test, receiving a test and receiving test results
5.1.1) Population ever receiving an HIV test
8.1) Higher risk sex in the last year
8.2) Condom use at last higher risk sex (with a non-marital, non-cohabiting partner)
8.3) Commercial sex in last year
8.4) Condom use at last commercial sex, reported by client

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