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Survey: Enquete Demographique et de Sante au Burundi 1987

Title: Enquete Demographique et de Sante au Burundi 1987
Survey Type: DHS
Country: Burundi
Year: 1987
Start Date: March 1987
End Date: July 1987
Female Male
Respondent: All Women Respondent: Husbands
Age: 15 - 49 Age: [n/a]
Sample Size: 3970 Sample Size: 542
Facilities Households
Sample Size: 99 Sample Size: 3868
Implementing: Institut National de la Statistique et de la Démographie (INSD)
  Age range matches - female
Population-based sample
Description: Topics included in the questionnaire: Respondent’s Background, Reproduction, Contraception, Health and Breastfeeding, Marriage, Fertility Preferences, Husband’s Background, Height and Weight.
Footnote: NOTE: Sample included Husbands [instead of all All Men].
9.1) Median age at first sex among young men and women
9.2) Young people having premarital sex in last year

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