View Survey Data

After selecting the surveys and indicators you want to use as the foundation for the generated table, you are ready to generate the table.

Create Table

If you are satisfied with your selected criteria, click on Create Table to generate a table containing data that meet the criteria you selected. The Create Table button is visible only after you have selected at least one survey and one indicator.

Start Over

If you are not satisfied with the criteria you selected, you can click on Start Over to deselect all the previous selections and return to the HIV/AIDS Survey Indicators Database screen with the Selected Surveys and Selected Indicators fields unpopulated. You can then select new criteria on which to base your generated table.

HIV/AIDS Survey Indicators Database Custom Table

The Custom Table displays the data that fulfill the criteria established by your survey and indicator selections on the previous screen. Several functions on the Custom Table screen allow you to alter, modify, and manipulate the table's contents and presentation.