Indicator 3.1.1: "Accepting attitudes - Willing to care for family member sick with AIDS (1)"


The percent of respondents saying that they would be willing to care for a family member who became sick with the AIDS virus.

Measurement Tools

UNAIDS general population survey; DHS AIDS Module; FHI BSS (adult); FHI BSS (youth); MICS (UNICEF).

What It Measures

This is an indicator based on answers to a hypothetical question as to whether respondents would be willing to care for family members sick with HIV-related illness. It reflects what people are prepared to say they would do when confronted by family illness.

How to Measure It

Respondents in a general population survey are asked:

If a member of your family became sick with the AIDS virus, would you be willing to care for him or her in your household?

Strengths and Limitations

This indicator (3.1.1) is only one of four components of indicator 3.1. 3.1.1 is worth reporting to indicate specifically the prevalence of a positive attitude toward sick family members or when all four components of 3.1 are not present in a survey questionnaire. For difficulties in interpretation, see "Strengths, Limits" under 3.1.