Indicator 4.5.6: "Knowledge of MTCT - Through breastfeeding"


The percent of respondents who report that HIV can be transmitted from mother to child in breastfeeding.

Measurement Tools

UNAIDS general population survey; DHS AIDS module; FHI BSS; MICS (UNICEF).

What It Measures

The indicator measures prevalence of knowledge of one of the basic ways in which HIV can be transmitted from mother to child--through breast milk.

How to Measure It

In a prompted question, respondents are asked if the AIDS virus can be transmitted from mother to child in breast milk.

Strengths and Limitations

Knowledge of the risk of transmission during breast feeding is a necessary component of IEC designed to encourage mothers to seek nevirapine treatment for nursing babies when nevirapine is available. Alternatively, IEC can urge risk-conscious mothers to bottle-feed their infants exclusively. The indicator should be measured and reported in conjunction with indicators of the knowledge of risks of transmission during pregnancy and delivery.