Indicator 3.1.4: "Accepting attitudes - Not secretive about family member's HIV status (4)"


The percent of respondents who say that they would not want to keep the HIV+ status of a family member a secret.

Measurement Tools

UNAIDS general population survey; DHS AIDS Module; FHI BSS (adult); FHI BSS (youth); MICS (UNICEF).

What It Measures

This is an indicator based on a hypothetical question as to whether respondents would want the infection of a family member with HIV to be kept a secret. The question reflects what people are prepared to say they would want when confronted by a situation in which a family member was HIV+.

How to Measure It

Respondents in a general population survey are asked:

If a member of your family became infected with the AIDS virus, would you want it to remain a secret?

Strengths and Limitations

This indicator (3.1.4) is one of four components of indicator 3.1. 3.1.4 indicates specifically the prevalence of a potentially open, positive attitude toward HIV in the family.

For difficulties in interpretation, see "Strengths, Limits" under 3.1.